Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Bowery Boys

There are a few podcasts that I listen to on a regular basis, such as Mur Lafferty's "I Should Be Writing" and the Rippercast series that analyzes the Jack the Ripper crimes. These days, I find myself listening to the Bowery Boys more and more. No, I'm not referring to the lovable onscreen hooligans who had their genesis in the Dead End Kids. The Bowery Boys are a lively duo who talk about New York history. Examples of past topics are McSorley's Old Ale House, the Triangle Factory fire of 1911, the Blackout of '77, and the Stonewall Riots. Today I listened to them discuss the 1841 murder of Mary Rogers, aka the 'Beautiful Cigar Girl', whose grisly death spawned one of Poe's most famous tales, "The Murder of Marie Roget."

If you are interested in New York history, visit the Bowery Boys blog, where their past broadcasts can be accessed. If you have iTunes installed, you can subscribe to the show and have each new episode downloaded automatically to your computer.

Speaking of podcasts, on October 26 I will be appearing on the Dave Gordon Radio Show, which features stories about the Middle East and Judeo-Christian values as well as opinions and commentary, news, profiles of newsmakers, and much more. I will be speaking on the subject of Big Jack Zelig. The show will be available for download afterward.

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